Privacy Policy

In order for users who register on the website to be personally identifiable, the following information is collected and stored.
When you register on our website or about other companies’ products or services, or visit the Company’s website, the website collects your personally identifiable information, including name, telephone number, postcode and address.

The Bank automatically receives and stores your browser and server log information, including but not limited to your IP address, cookie information on this website and your web history requests.

Information Use and Protection.

The Company collects the content of the above information.
The Company may use some of the images you upload to ice-switzerland and share them on our various social media accounts.

Customer data held by the Company is confidential unless:

1. when the Company has your consent to share the information;
2. when disclosing your personal information to provide you with requested products and services;
3. the Company has the authority to enact laws or comply with legal process as required by law, but the Company will provide the appropriate venue;
4. in case of emergency to protect the interests of users and the public;
5. in the event that other companies in the situation need to open, process or disclose personal data;
The revised privacy website reserves the right to make changes.

Choice and Opt-Out

If you no longer wish to receive the Company’s promotional communications, you may opt-out of receiving such communications by following the instructions contained in each communication or by sending an email to the Company at
When registering, you will have the option to unsubscribe from our regular update service. If you have subscribed to our update service, we will send you email notifications of new products, features, enhancements, special offers, competitions, events of interest and one-off marketing promotions.

We will provide you with the option to unsubscribe from any subscribed service or update at any time if you change your mind. Every email we send you will contain a simple automatic unsubscribe link that will allow you to unsubscribe from that subscription. Simply follow the instructions in the email.